Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where to Start?

I keep getting harrased about the lack of pictures or updates on the blog so here I am again. The summer is almost over, and I haven't even had a chance to start writting about the begining.
1-The Bangs - As some of you know, I gave in when Issy's requested to have her bangs cut at the begining of the summer. I promised a picture, but I never did quite get around to posting it. Here it is...She looks adorable, but only when they are trimmed and when they stay in place. The very thing I feared the most comes true every 2-3 weeks, when I look at her cute little face and her bangs are super long again. Sigh. I told her we had to let them grow out until she was old enough to seriously take care of her hair by her self. I don't have the time or the patience in the mornings to fight about the exact placement of the bangs (on top of everything else, including our little dude Jax) before my cup of joe in the morning. Lucky for us the side sweep bangs are totally in!
2-How can I forget our Garden plot?
I decided that it would be super cool, and super fun to get a garden plot at a Community Garden. I don't know anything about gardening, but I figured, whatever I didn't know I would just google. It started out really well. We (Bran and Issy helped) cleared out the rat's nest of a plot that was given to us. We marked it, seeded and watered it religously. We waited several weeks and got got a couple of baby radisshes. Waited a little bit longer (neglecting it a little bit more each week) and got two nice tomatoes. Left on a couple of summer vacations mid July and then came back and everything had died. Oh! Barnicles!!!
3- Portland, ME
For Mother's Day we spent the weekend in Maine. It's only about 2 hours North of where we live, but it's such a fun getaway! The water was still too cold to "swim" that early in the season, so the beach was completly empty and we were able to let the kids run their little hearts off. And they did just that. During our visit, we also drove to the coast of Maine to see the lighthouses, which are my personal favorite. The kids loved jumping on the hotel bed. I have several pictures of them doing nothing but jumping, and wrestling on that awesome pillow-top matress!


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