Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kansas City, MO

I really enjoyed my first solo trip out of town. Kansas City was a lovely town, I learned a lot and our trainers/corporate staff were amazing, but by Friday I was extreemly happy to have a plane to board. I missed my kids and husband so much, and it was really hard being the one that was away from home. Weird huh?! The quiet hotel was more annoying than relaxing. I made sure to make buddies with several other ladies (who also had traveled from different states for the training) to make the most of our free time. We visited The Plaza downtown, which is basically a huge ritzy shopping area. We also visited the Union Square, WWI Memorial, and ate at several yummy restaurants. I have to say that Kansas City lives up to their name in the BBQ department becuase it was oh so yummy, but their bread pudding had a lot of room for improvement...and yet choked it down!

Kansas City is know as the City of fountains...and beautiful fountains like the one above were EVERWHERE!

The Plaza, look at all those beautiful shops...and how often do you see a Cinderella horse carriage? Lovely!

This was a fun eclictic place...inside was a planetarium, Dino exhibit, old trains, and antique fire engines.

Here is a view of Kansas City (in 5 pm rush


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Balancing Act

Life is happening behind the scenes here, so I sort of feel like I should appologize in advance becuase over the next few months I can see my little corner of the web getting pushed to the back burner so we can enjoy being a family during our "time off". Issy will be going back to school in 2 weeks and it almost makes me sick to think that this year she will be going back as FIRST GRADER! SERIOUSLY I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW FAST TIME FLIES! Her bag and supplies are ready to we are just counting down the days. Our little girl could not be more excited!

Cheerleading is going really well, but it takes up a lot of our time. She practices 2 times, sometimes 3 times per week and starting this weekend she will also start performing once per week. I promise to post a video as soon as I can. This week she wont stop talking about taking tumbling classes next so she can get even better. I love knowing that we finally found something she LOVES doing.

At work, I was offered a full time position, and a pay raise this week. Woohoo! I have been working my butt off, and trying to do a good job. It was nice to hear that my hard work did not go unnoticed. Tomorrow, I will be enjoying some BBQ in Kansas City, MO. The Co. is flying me out for a week long traning at the Corporate Offices. I am really excited about visiting a new place, but I am VERY nervous about leaving the kids. I have NEVER gone anywhere alone, specially not for a whole week, since I have been married. Wish us all luck!

Gotta go...I have mountains of laundry to catch up on.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our little cheerleader in her uniform. Go Eagles!!!

Yeah, the photo shoot only lasted about 30 seconds with this too cool for words pre-tween.

Back to Basics...

This one is for you Mamma Mia!!!

Here is a fun basic tutorial that will teach Grandma how to create a user email, log on to blogger and FINALLY leave sweet comments from far away!

P.S. Dont forget that you can click on the pictures if you want to make them bigger! But you have to click the back button at the top left corner of the screen to go back to the previous page. Clicking the X button on the enlarged picture will actually close out the webpage...and that is no fun!


Week Two

For most people a typical workday may include getting in checking your email, voicemail, filling out some paperwork, witnessing an old geezer spat or a few, then taking a few calls. Oh wait...the old geezer fight did happen. Yikes! What a shocker! How the heck do you say Knock it off to a couple of elderly women? ...youuu don’t. I just stood there..worried and praying that no one knew any fantastical Chuck Norris moves and I would end up getting fired.

Oh happy day! is picture of my office. I wish I had a before picture, because it was a filled with piles and boxes of paper and it was a mess. The picture makes the office feel a little cold and unpersonal, but its nothing a little plant and a family picture can't fix.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


A few days ago I came across the Naked Baby Project over at Blueberrymoon, and I have not been able to stop thinking about the patterns ever since.

This morning I decided to make them. By lunch I had already made the Peasant top, two diapers and the little pants. The Peasant top was extreemly easy to put together. I had to do a lot of modifications to the diapers since our babies were about half the size of the model was that was used for the patterns, but there are some tips for working around that. There wasnt any direction for the pants ( and if there was I couldnt find it) but with a little trial and error, they ended up being the easiest item to pice together.

Check out these cuties now!

This project counts towards the sew something goal I made for this summer, but rest assured my friends that it wont be the last. Phew!!! I know someone out there was worried there for a second.

Alright, happy Sunday!


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