Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boston Public Garden

We made another trip to the City and by train. First of all, I am happy to report that the train lines are making more sense, and each trip seems to be less and less hectic. I almost feel like a local. Ha!

I love everything about this city. If you are bored here, it is only becuase you are a boring person. There is so many fun places to visit. This weekend, we FINALLY made our way to the Boston Public Garden. Since we found out that we were going to move here, I have been dying to bring the kids to this park for a visit.

Its hard to tell with this pictures, but the Public Garden is right in the heart of the city. The trees block out most of the noise, but right outside those gates, there is a whole lot of traffic and people. The park is like a peaceful little gateaway. Brandon and I sat on the benches, while the kids ran around carefree.

Jackson was obsessed with these short iron gates, and made it a point to walk along as much gate as possible.
That weekend also happened to be the equivilent to the Boise See Spot Walk and we got to pet a million dogs along the way.

My favorite part of this whole trip was the incredible willow trees. Beauty surrounds this park and I honestly could not get enough of it.

We walked by the famous swan boats. This is a tough year for the almst two year old, who has too many important things to do to just sit around and enjoy the ride. Next summer, we will be riding for sure.

Also, the famous duckling statue of the momma duck and her darling little ducklings. This one was also another of one of my favorite parts.

...and of course, we also saw real ducks swimming near by.

It was a really fun trip that ended with an ice-cream cone and a long tired train ride home. I'd say this was one of my favorite trips in to Boston so far.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Brandon's Vacay to D.C.

Amazing isn't it? I know....Please excuse me while I turn green with Envy!!! (wink).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Hike!

A couple of weeks ago, Brandon and I decided to take the kids to a hiking area that sits just behind a resevoir here in town. We kept seeing this large water area in our GPS and were curious about what it was like. Being that we were all overdue for some excersise we decided to go for it.

As soon as we started walking we were approached by two four legged friends. One of them a cute black lab pup and the second a male golden retriever. The kids and Sandy (our dog) loved having them around...and honestly the were very well behaved so we just let them tag along. It was abvious that the lived near by and were very comfortable with the area. At one point, we started to go in one area, but they, in a weird way made us follow them in the opposite direction. They actually lead us to a nice beachy area along one of the hiking paths...crazy isn't?

Can guess which golden is Sandy? (hint: the one with the red collar)

This is the beachy area the dogs lead us to. It was such a pretty area that we decided to just hang out there the rest of the afternoon. Brandon said that this place reminded him of Cascade, Idaho. When he and his siter were little, their dad would pack up the dogs, folding chairs and they too, got to hang out and play with the dogs all day.

Jackson loved having the extra dogs around. He ran until his little legs could not support him any longer. The black pup was his favorite, he was wilder and had a huge personality.

Of course Issy, becoming a young lady before our very eyes...posing for the camera.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day 2010 Part 2

On Monday (Labor Day), I decided to take the kids to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. By the time we left, my feet were swollen, Jax and Issy were taking turns riding the stroller, and they were exited...but oh boy did we have a blast!!!

The Little Bro. Poor little guy tried to climb on every single fence so that he too could see all of the exhibits. I love this picture.

They had elephants! They were Jacksons favorite!

The girafes were beautiful. They were Issy's favorite.

Jackson was eye to eye with this next fam animal and could not believe what he saw..."look he said to some stranger..."LOOK!!"

This is what he saw: It's a Dexter cow and its smiling...Can you believe it? Hahaha!

We wrapped up our trip, and within 2 minutes...both kids were out cold! Thank god for paid days off. They are very important to me, because time with your kids is so sacred when you are a working Mom. I feel so blessed to have such great kids and proud to be their Mom.

I love you guys!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day 2010 Part 1

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! I know we did. Now that I am working full time, it is getting harder to follow through with all of the activies we would like to do with the kids. Being that this weekend was a holiday weekend, and I would be home alone with the kids, I decided to really make the most of it.

Saturday we spend the day running errands, before dropping Brandon off at the train station (more on that later). We had to wake up early that day so that we could take care of everything before 3 :30 pm. By the time we dropped Brandon off, we were all beat from the little sleep and the looong week we had just endured. When I got home, both kids and I pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon. At night, we pulled out the sofabed and watched a family movie and cozied up.

Sunday, we tagged along with my friend Thania's family and went to an Apple Orchard. The kids loved going last year, and were super psyched when I told them we would be going again. The day was nice and cool thanks to the little rain and breeze hurricane Earl brought a couple of days earlier. (and No our area was not affected by the hurricane at all).

Some of our apples. Not only did they have fuji apples, but they also had Granny Smith green apples (which also happen to be Issy's favorite). I prefer the fujis only becuase the green apples are just too dang tart for my liking. We had such a good time, and thanfully Thanias family just us all in, no questions asked. We miss having our family close by and at this point we are happy to be a part of any group of people who are good to us. Issy ran like a wild horse through the orchard. What a beautiful place for a child, and in reality both kids loved every single second of the trip.

Issy has turned in to Mother Goose and loves Jackson so much. I was happy to capture this moment on camera, becuase she is so protective of him. What happened, is that the realized that the grass was taller in some areas and he was having a hard time keeping up with her and the other children. What a sweetheart! This kid has a heart of gold.

Later, Issy played on this old swing. Issy looks absolutely beautiful doesnt she?
Stayed tuned for Part 2.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Issy's first performance....She was adorable and even though we got rained out, she gave it her all!!
I am so Proud of you little one!!!


They take their Wii games seriously!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

1st Grade!

I can hardly believe how old my little girl is getting. I remember holding her in my arms when she was just a newborn, (I was so naive back then), believing we had an enternity before we had to think about school, schedules and lunches. And now, here we are...that same baby that I once held, now bravely walking into the 1st Grade. Wow.

We got to school early so that we could take some pictures and check out the playground.

She was up bright an early, at least an hour before I was planning on waking her up. She told me she was just really excited. We let her relax, and take her time with her breakfast. Luckily she knew exactly what she wanted to wear, and how she wanted her hair styled. Thank you Grandma for the cute top!

I know she was getting pretty tired of all of the pictures I was taking, but she was a good sport about it anyway. Notice that for the first time this year, her backpack is not HUGE on her (sob).

Jax and Issy were enjoying their last few minutes together. Cracking each other up. This was the first day I was going to drop Jax off at daycare and he would be there all day by himself.

Finally the time to say goodbye came. It was bittersweet. Issy was the second kid to show up and line up.

Othe kids followed shortly after...and her teacher (in the pink).

After school Issy reported that luckily, this teacher is just as nice as Mrs. Webster. (Smile).



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