Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last weeks of summer

There's not much new going on in the home front these days.     Right now, we're just wrapping up our summer by squeezing in as much fun as we can, before it's time for the new year.  School is starting after labor day this year, which means we still have a few weeks to get our house organized.  

Family Daily Nuggets:

  • This weekend we took care of Issy's eye exam- she still has 20/20 vision!
  • Bran will be attending the MotorGP races with his Dad in Indianapolis  this weekend.  The adventure has already began fro Ray, who is riding his Gold-wing as we speak,  all the way there from Idaho.  They are going to have a fantastic time!   
  • Jackson has become quite the little singer these days and he loves to sing OUT LOUD everywhere we go.     I tried to get him to sing quietly, but he put on a very nice performance at the library while we were checking out.  The "Five Little Duck went out one day, over the hills and back again" is his new favorite song.   
  • Me. Well, I am addicted to Pinterest.  I need to get my hands a a pallet (or a few) to get my crafting fix in.  I need a pallet,  like a junky needs a fix.   My problem is getting these imaginary pallets home in my prius....  You know what they say, when there is a will, there is a way.   
  • Our new favorite show is currently The Big Bang Theory.  We caught it on TV a few weeks ago, when nothing else was on.   We thought it was funny enough to download the first season.  Now, were hooked.  

I leave you with this pic...of Bran and his Dad, Ray.   This picture was taken during their motorcycle adventure to Alaska a few years ago.   Amazing!  


Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy 30th Bran

Happy 30th Birthday Bran! 

This big birthday landed right smack in the middle of the week.  We made your favorite, sprinkle birthday cake, and "yummy dessert" coconut pie!  Yum!  
We continued the celebrating over the weekend by heading north, destination: Portland, Maine.  
We hit our favorite places, including Ken's Place and the Old Orchard Beach.  The weather couldn't have cooperated more, if we had asked.  It felt like 75 degrees the whole time we were there.   We spent the whole day playing at the beach with the kids.  Then, because we had not had our fill yet...we went back at dusk for a stroll along the beach.  I had secretly been plotting to light some lanterns off on the beach in Brandon's honor, however, seeing that the beach is JUST as popular at night, as it is during the day, we chickened out!  I was bummed, but in all honesty, the lanterns I bought, came with some pretty  hardcore instructions, like calling the coast guard.  Seriously?!   The coast guard?!   We ended up tossing a football around back and forth to each other,  while the waves rolled in front of us.  We had a great time....until the wrath of mosquitos attacked every bit of flesh that was exposed- which was not much since it cools down significantly at night.  However, we didn't really want to end the trip with a case of the west nile.  So, we left the beach just as quickly as we came.   

Bran:  I don't know what I did to deserve you, but you make our life, so, so amazing! Happy Birthday!  



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