Sunday, November 29, 2009

What didnt we get to do?

We got the grand tour of the little town of Ketchum, Idaho. We did a little shopping, a little Ice Skating, we even got to visit with Santa along the way. On our way home from Ice Skating we stopped to admire two beautiful horses with a sleigh....the kids were facinated. Jackson had never seen anything so big in his life, and Issy being the animal lover that she is just couldnt get enough of the two goofy horses.
We are definately going back...THANK YOU CHOPKO's.


Snow Fight!

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Thanks Randi! We are still laughing at this video...Specially Issy!

Try the link, for some reason the video doesnt seem to want to work.

Weekend Pictures

Thanksgiving Day

Sun Valley Lodge....on a horse carrier tour through the property.

Jackson's First Thanksgiving!
Issy my sweet little girl...aka Doug (from UP).

The best part of the holidays. Gathering, playing and just enjoying the day (or week) together!

Thank you Ray and Nancy....
We loved every single second of the trip!!! You truly spoiled us and we love you!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We will be out of town until Sunday! We are off to the Sun Valley area with my husband’s family. I am so excited that we get to celebrate the holiday in such a beautiful location and amongst such great people.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

I am so ridiculously excited about New Moon opening tonight. The books have been read, our fan t-shirts made, our coffee will be stong,and we are ready. Wooohooo!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

11 Months Old

He laughs and giggles all the time. Now that his top and bottom teeth are in, his smile changed just enough to see that he looks more and more like his Daddy everyday. Over the last two weeks he is starting to stand up on his own (only for a few seconds at a time). He screams when he is getting frustrated or super excited! His favorite part of the day is lunch and also when Issy comes home from school. He craves more independance and is daring enough to try just about anything. I am sure that little steps will soon follow. He dimples are more defined now (again like is Daddy) so when he flashes a smile at you, your heart just about melts. He loves to give people "besos" (kisses). Right now, he loves to play catch. He and sandy fight over the tennis balls.
I love this age!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joyner Baby

(My Beautiful Sister and her baby bump)
Baby Coming Soon....Dec. 2009!
We had such a good time at her Baby Shower...At one point I think I laughed hard enough to pee my pants.
**There is the Baby Banner that I made last week. If I could have made it again, I would have made bigger bows at the ends, but it was a fun either way.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Staying Busy

I am hosting a baby shower for my sister this weekend! She is expecting her first, a baby girl in December! As can you can imagine I have been working on her baby shower for the last several weeks. I forget how much FUN (and WORK) planning a party can be.
Anyway, a while ago I came across a Happy Birthday banner that was handmade out of scrapbooking paper. The idea was genius, but I needed a reason to make it.... (he he)

I love the idea of using paper because I am able to pick the exact colors and textures that I want to coordinate with our Pretty in Pink theme!
I was able to find a simple flower patter (made for sewing, but it was perfect for this project) at
Poppy Lane (if you click on the patter it takes you to the link where you can print off the flower).

I cut and traced each flower.
Then I used a math compass to create the center of the flower with a different colored piece of paper (this one can be thinner paper).
I used a glue stick to glue the pieces together. This eliminates the lumps that you normally get with regular Elmer's glue.

The only thing left to do was to print the letters "BABY SHOWER" using the font and size of my choosing on WORD before gluing them to the center of each flower. How easy is that? I used some twine to "make the banner" and added some pretty green ribbon in between each of the flowers to give it a finished look.


**Sorry that I wasn't able to get a finished picture of my banner (those will come later). I have a busy 11 month old who is cruising along our house on the look out for something interesting.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Me time...

I have been planning this couple of weeks, but finally today is the day! I am getting rid of the kids for a few hours and getting my hair done. I know it’s not uncommon, but I really do feel a little selfish. Not enough to make me cancel or anything, but just enough to make you feel like if you were earning imaginary mommy points, this is the time where you lost a few. 1...2...3.. Okay, take some stupid points away, I am over it. I absolutely need this!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


(Picture came from

I came across this sweet bird mobile and I have been dying to try the pattern. I was hoping my sister loved it just as much as I did, and she would ask me to make one for her nursery. If not, no biggie, but I made a few just in case :)
I was in the middle of pulling out all of my materials when Issy decided she wanted to help. I mean hands on help. What?! Yes, Yes!!! (I am so proud) She loved sewing and felt really comfortable with the sewing machine. Who would have known? I am just excited that I am able to teach her about something I love so much.

I made a couple of birds to show my sister and one that I could attach as a "bow" on the package I wrapped my friend Marbella's baby blanket in. This is the baby blanket I started it a few months ago. Which just made me realized that I had not posted an update of what that finished blanket looked like. Its mostly pink on the front, however the fun baby lettering on the center piece has a little orange, this served as the inspiration to use a cute orange and white polka dot fabric on the back side. Ta-da!!

Marbella's due date was last tuesday, and even though their little one is taking her time coming, she could realy deliver at any moment. Ahh so exciting!


Happy Halloween!

From Daphne and Joda!!



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