Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spiced Pumpkin Doughnuts Recipe

I got this recipe in my email this afternoon. Doesnt it look like such a nice treat for these cooler fall days? Yum!

Spiced Pumpkin Doughnuts Recipe

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

So much cake I could puke.

I've had such a beautiful week, full of Non Stop Celebrating. At this point however, the mere thought of cake makes me want to puke.
We started Wednesday with Issy's MUCH anticipated 6th Birthday dinner with our family. She was a riot, so funny, so excited, so super cute. Very much the life of the party.
For Breakfast she requested Chocolate Pop tarts. We never, ever buy these because while they may be good, they are nothing more than a fat roll maker for mamma. God knows, I struggle enough without the temptation of this grab and go “breakfast”.
For Dinner she requested Spaghetti, her absolutely Favorite Meal since she was a child.
I made her a Devils TRIPLE Chocolate Cake, with More Chocolate Frosting. Wow.

You see a chocolate theme going on eh? Well, she definately gets her chocoholic gene from the CHOPKO side of the family. I should seriously look at investing in a dental stock.

On Thursday, we celebrated MY Birthday. I didn’t have to work, which was Magnificent! Issy had school, so it was just my little man and I.
I met branding for Lunch and for dinner he took me to my new favorite restaurant: Cool Hand Luke’s. It was so delicious; I could eat there every night. My Dad also bought me a chocolate chip Birthday Cookie. So sweet!
On Friday, we got together with more friends and my family for Dinner. I had a couple of drinks, my kids were well behaved, we to a ton of laughs. It was blast!

We were so spoiled. Thank you all!!!

Oh here is a cute one.... Issy in her Hannah Montana Wig.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6 Beautiful Years!!!

Issy was just a newborn here! Wow.

Isabel's two Year Birthday! (We didnt have a digital Camera until this time, so I have to dig up the 1 year old pictures at a later time)

3 Year old Birthday Party! I miss this age a lot!

4 Year party. This is when she really starts to look like an big girl.

5 year old party.

Our Journey with this little girl has been amazing!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is Officially Here....

We woke up to a freezing house this morning. ahhhh! The weather outside was about 40 degrees so I say fall is officially here! I am so excited. Time to pull out the sweatshirts, long sleeves and cute PJ (for the kids). I just love this weather this time of year. Actually I love the transition of every new season, but fall in perticular. The cool breeze seems to wake me up, gives me lots of good feelings inside.

Hope everyone is having a great day, I get to baby sit my niece Bella today. Looking forward to seeing another cute baby this morning.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This weekend was a hectic one. My husband was gone this weekend on another motorcycle adventure to Northern Idaho, so it was just me and the kids. Saturday was just plain busy and HOT. Sunday, we had a few errands to run, a baby shower and then normal weekend chores to catch up on. By the time Brandon came home in the afternoon I was passed out on the couch. I am sure he felt like the luckiest man int he world coming home to the trophy wife drooling on the couch. Sexy! lol. Anyway, I got up after a half hour, and we got to spend some nice family time together.

I went to bed immediately after Randi Jackson's ABDC season 4 ended (I love this show!). This morning I woke up, and was suprised when Brandon said he was willing to drop the kids off to daycare. Yay!
I was able to take my time getting to work this morning. This is a first, and it was soooo nice. During my lunch break I went to look around for a birthday present for my little ones 6th birthday on Wednesday. I was hungry so I only picked up wrapping paper and chocolate which was a huge hit with my colegues.

We needed it....

Here is to me getting over the case of the Mondays. Wooohooo!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Excellent Quilting Tutorial

I am not quite done with the baby quilt. I know.... I am cutting it close, but I thought I would share this great binding tutorial video for anyone that is interested in making a quilt in the future. This video is about 8 minutes long, but already I have a better idea how I am going to continue.
Thanks ctquiltingvideos!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beginner Baby Quilt

I was invited the baby shower of a good friend. They are having their first baby so I really wanted to give them something special. I have been really inspired by so many crafty blogs lately and right away I decided to make a baby quilt for them.
First of all, I have never, ever made a quilt before. I made a couple trips to JoAnn's found some cute material, dusted off my sewing machine and begain planning. I soon realized that I had no clue what I was doing.

To top things off, I didnt realize that a one week deadline was pushing it.

I have said it time and time again, but I say it again...I am not one to give up and one way or another I will have this puppy done by Sunday.

Thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web I was able to find a good instructional video on from expert Village. Click Here to Check it out --> VIDEO. If you are a newbie like me, you will have to keep looking on line for more help, but its its a good starting point. What you do from here is completely up to you and your imagination.

I attached a preview of what was done up to this morning. I am not updating the full photo just yet. I don't want to ruin the surprise. Anyway...this afternoon I was able to add the last border after the kids went to bed. I am pretty proud of it so far, its turning out far better than I would have hoped for. Not perfect, but I guess nothing ever is.

I would love to learn how to "stipple", I think this is what its called when you give the blanket some texture (?). I haven't been able to find a video that has helped me out enough to want to brave it.

To do or not do do...that is the question.

If any one has any good pointers for me please contact me. I really would love to hear from you.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He is Mobile...

Jax started crawling last week. It seems like just over night he decided to give this crawling thing a go. Now there is no stopping him. He giggles with excitement all day, so proud of himself for getting from point A to point B.
This is where the fun begins right? :)


Sew Cool...

Skiptomylou is at it again with another great giveway!

Log on to her site for a chance to win a super cute sewing machine for your little crafter or a sewing kit from ALEX toys.

Click Here for more details!

Good Luck!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

We spent the day celebrating our day off with my parents, picking peaches from their back yard, and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was a wonderful!
I have a ton of peaches so if you have a good recipe please pass it along.

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Fancy Nancy

We love the books, but we love playing dress up even more. What can I say, making the mess is part of the fun.
Ooh La la!


Check Me Out!

Dear Nana & Pappy,
I love my New Walker. I am still only scooting backwards, but I am getting the hang of it. Yesterday, I got to play outside with Sandy and Issy. Oh boy was it fun! My favorite part is Pooh's Honey Jar... Did you know it plays music when you hit it? What a great suprise! Thank you!!!


Friday, September 4, 2009

9 Months

Wow Jax's. I just cant believe it. I really wish I could slow down the hands of time and keep you this little forever. You are just so much fun to have around. You have such an easy going personally. Always happy especially around Issy. The sound that you make when you laugh and combined of all of the cute faces that you make, make my heart melt.

August has been a big month for you buddy. Teething and now almost crawling. Teething has been tough, a lot of pain and cold like symptoms. At last, Thursday your first tooth came in. bottom left. Hallelujah!

A week late the second bottom tooth came in. Just like that. Tell you what, I am really going to miss your gummy smile.

Recently you figured out that scooting can only get you so far and its almost like you decided to give crawling a try. You get in the crawl position and rock back and forth for minutes at a time; smiling from ear to ear. Its hilarious! I know this stage wont last long so Daddy and I started baby proofing the house. Your cute face is deceiving, you are a natural born explorer so we know you are going to be a terror. Yikes!

The Doctor said that your are perfect.

weight 22 lbs 15 oz (85%)
Height 29 1/4 inches (80%)
Head Circumference 45 cm (45%)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Bridal Shower Gift

I was invited to a friend/Co-worker Bridal Shower this week. I knew I wanted to do something for both of them. What is better than a Date Night? The picture is pretty miserable, but I found this cute basket made out of newspaper. How cool! I got some movie tickets, lots of candy, Naughty Dice and Just like that I had a fun " Date Night Basket". The envelope that says husband and wife was just one of those rub off letter kits. Super easy. Best of all it was such a hit.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What do your walls say to you?

Oh...Who doesnt love cute Art Work? One of my new favorite Webistes Skiptomylou is hosting an awesome giveway from http://www.redletterwords.com/ . Go to skiptomylou for more details on how you too can enter for a chance to win one of many lovely 12x12 art pieces.

I so, so Heart this!



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