Wednesday, February 25, 2009


After a streak of nice sunny days Brandon and I decided that it would be a blast to take the kids fishing. We went out a got a cheap little tackle box, snacks and drinks on Friday...of course we woke up on Saturday morning to see that not only was it over cast but the wind was miserable. Pfft. After getting the Issy super excited about fishing there was no way we were going to back out and off we were. Its probably not hard to believe since it is after all February, but once we were out in the open newly stocked pond the wind was blowing harder. The top things off we had decided to bring Sandy our Golden Retrieve along, only to find out when we go there that No Dogs were Allowed. Just out Luck! Immediately after getting there we decided that it was just too cold to keep Jackson out in the cold and I didn't want to risk getting him sick so he and I tried to have as much fun as we could front the inside of our truck. He was happy to hang out and was giggling the entire time. Brandon, Issy and "Pappy" were on their way to catch us "Dinner". I think they had a really good time but it only lasted about a half hour before I saw them coming back to load all the supplies :)

No we didn't catch any fish but in the end its all about the memories that we make together. What did learn is that fishing and February do not mix.

As you can see she was very upset about missing all the fun.

Issy and Daddy

Jax smiling in the car!

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