Saturday, June 12, 2010


I think that at the time I was too exhausted to write about how fun this trip was. The trip to Boston by train with two kids (one that practically needs to be carried everywhere) and all of their "equipment" really beat all the energy out of me. I do love the city and having the opportunity to have public transportation is exciting, but there is a lot for this westerner to learn before the next trip, like:
1. First things first...Get to know the lines. And WELL! This will make the travel much easier. The stations were super busy and it was hard to find the line maps so we got a little (okay, A LOT) disoriented.
2. Learn to pack more efficiently. (I tend to over pack, and still forget's so annoying!)
I can't say it was too horrible for a first trip, but who doesnt want a smoother trip.
Once we made it to our destination (and hour and a half later...when it should have only taken at most 45 min.) we were golden. The walk to the Aquarium was short and by then, the kids were ready for the visit to the Aqarium. I know I have said it before, but my kids are the Biggest animal lovers I know, and being near animals is what they live for. The penguins exibit is right smack at the center of the aquarium and for obvious reasons take center stage. People LOVE these cute little guys. I have always been facinated by them. Seeing them up close was great.
The rest of the tanks are amazing too. We were there for a good two hours just staring at the sharks, sea turtles, jelly fish, sea name it its there. My camera is only about two weeks old, and I havent had a chance to mess around with the settings so I apologize in advance for my horrible pictures.

In case you were wondering...the ride back was a lot smoother. It did only take the 45 minutes it was supposed to take,and by then the little one was out cold. Hooray for another fun family trip!


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Austin Lovelys said...

Love your family picture! What a beautiful family! I love the aquarium so much to see. I bet the kids loved it!!


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