Monday, June 21, 2010


I can only remember going to the beach on two occassions. The first time was in the summer of my freshman year of high school. I was invited to fly down to South Padre Island, Texas by a friend from california that I had only met a few months prior. (I had the strickest parents in the world, so thinking back, I am suprised I was ever allowed to go). I remember how amazing that Island was- the water was so blue, I loved the combination of the heat, sand and the cool water against my feet. It was amazing!

The second time at the beach was even more magical. I dont remember the beach itself as much as I remember how much Issy loved the sand, how much Issy loved the water and how much Issy loved people watching on the board walk. At the time we lived in New Mexico, Issy was only 18 month old and San Diego would be our first family Vacation. The beach would forever be a place where our family would come together.

Yesterday was not only Father's Day, and we were able to celebrate Brandon becuase he is a terrific father, but it was also the first time since that beautiful week in san Diego that our family was able to enjoy the beach as a family. We enjoyed the trip to the fullest!



Austin Lovelys said...

You poor thing! The beach is awesome! My family trip of choice! So glad you were able to make it to the beach and celebrate Brandon :)

Oh yeah I don't know why our posts don't come up, but I think its because we are private? Not sure I have to mess with it and see if I can fix that!!

Martha said...

I know we have really missed out! Now that the beach is only 1 hour out we will be going more often.


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