Saturday, October 23, 2010

22 months old

Oh my! How you grow so fast! Everyday you get cuter, smarter and even more destructive ! Just the other day you laughed so hard as you unrolled and threw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet! The week before that you got artistic and drew all over our beige couch with forrest green marker. However despite all of these acts of destruction your favorite things still include giving mommy and "amie" lots of besos, playing with sissy and running to Sandy the second we open the front door every evening! You eat well, and you are healthy. You love to help with chores and never fuss when we get you dressed in the mornings.
I love you more than ever!

Besos buddy!!!


1 comment:

Austin Lovelys said...

How cute! I see him stretching! I can't believe I've seen him grow well virtually that is! lol. Such a handsome boy :)


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