Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sept. 23, 2010

We have a birthday party planned for Issy and her friends at a bowling alley next week. When we moved she announced that was afraid that when we moved she wouldnt have anyone to celebrate her birthday with her. No family, No friends, but we knew better. We sent invitations last week and I was happy when I got a nice long friends list and lots of phone calls on her special day.

Dear Issy.

Happy Birthday Pretty Girl! We have been extreemly lucky that you have been a part of our lives for 7 beautiful years. I knew one day, we would look at your face and see a little girl, but I never imagined that this day would come so quickly. These days your favorite things include Webkins, webkins website, music (Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift etc) , you love watching cartoons on Disney channel, arts and crafts and being outside where you can run around. You are finally becoming aware of fashion (like the skinny jeans you requested for back to school) etc. I have been so naive thinking those things would come later on. You love to read books, which we love to see. Right now, you can't get enough of Where the Sidewalk Ends (thanks Nana) and the American Girl Books.
You are such a sweet and loving girl, stubborn a lot of the time, but you have this drive for learning and figuring things out that I love about you. Since you were little your biggest passion have been animals, last year you told us that you wanted to become a Zoologist.

There is so much we can talk about now. I love every single second. I wish I could keep you this way forever! You are my favorite daughter! I am so proud of you.

For your birthday we had you open presents. Nat's gift showed up about a week before your birthday to torture you, so we let you open hers first. Nat: Thank you for the awesome books, and Webkins. She loved everything!

For weeks, you begged us for Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Topping...That is exactly what you got! I must say, we all enjoyed it too. Yumm!

This one was the gift from Aunty Blanca, who overnighted her gift to make sure it came on time, however we also need to thank Grandma, Nanna and Nanny #2 in Flagstaff for sending Issy a little love. Know that Issy really wanted to spend all of you, but understood that we are just too far to make it possible and it meant a lot that everyone remembered her on her special day.
Love you all,


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