Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our little Hercules!

One drawback about moving to Mass this past year is loosing our incredible pediatrician. The office was new , the staff was always so super nice. Our doctor was always available when we needed to schedule an appointment. We had an after hours nurse care line. I could go on and on. Here in Mass (okay maybe not the whole state but at least the town and the ones within a 10 mile radius) has been a completely different story. Not only does someone need to have their childs entire medical records readily available before they will pencil you in for an appointmen, but the wait time for appointments are ridiculous. Often a month out or two for a get well. The process of getting a doctor has been exausting and frustrating specially becuase through the process of getting an doctor the kids were almost 6 months past due on their 2 year and 7 year old appointments. Long story short, we found a awesome pediatrician in RI and the kids finally had their appointments this week. I had been there before with Jackson for a sick visit, but this was the appointment where they check them out from head to toe. I am happy to report that our little tank, Jackson is now 37 lbs (of pure muscle I am sure). And 37 inches tall. This means that he is in the 90th percentile for both weight and height. What a SOLID little dude! I would have liked to have been there for this appointment, but I was not able to be there so Brandon filled in for me. This is the very first time I have been not been to a doctor's appointment so I was really upset about not being able to be there. The last time Jax and I were there, he gave the nurses a really hard time getting the weight and height measurements. What we did is let the nurse leave the room for a minute while I put him on the scale to get his weight. As long as the nurse was not there, he was happy to stand on the scale. Well, I forgot to pass on my secret to Brandon. Not only did Jackson scream and cry the whole time, but in order to get the Jackson weight the nurse made Bran weight himself first, so that later he could hold Jax in his arms and subtract his weight. How friggin horrible would that be? I can't imagine going through that. Bran said he was so embarrased. Oh! I owe him big for that one. Everything else looks normal- which is wonderful news! At this point he is speaking very well. He recognizes everyone in our family, including himself. When you ask what his name is he says "Jack", not Jax or Jackson, however we still call him Jax and that is the name he answers. For some reason I find this really funny. And, when he is not trying to ride Sandy like a horse, he tries to give her commands. She only listens when he is going to sneak her a snack. Smart dog. He is still sleeping in his crib, but we are planning on getting rid of that here shortly. Lastly, we are going to try to start the potty training very soon. Right now, he hates being wet or dirty, but aparently not enough to actually sit on the potty. Maybe I am glorifying the whole experience with Issy, but I just remember her being so much easier to train. Not just easier, but her traning came a lot sooner. I am not sure if it was just becuase girls are EASIER, or becuase all of our attention was focused on only her at the time. Her mildstones were OUR mildstones and all of us were going through them as the first time. With Jackson...well, I just feel like he is not quite there yet. I dont want to make the mistake of being too pushy, just becuase someone else "had their kid completely potty trained by this age" and making his fear of the potty worse. He and Issy are still best "friendenemies". Isabel has so much patience for him. She is the first one scream at him if they fight, but also the first to comfort him when we are not around. He is learning to love books from her love of reading. When we are home and the house gets too quiet that I rush in the room in a panic, I can often find them sitting on her bed reading a story together. How stinkin' sweet is that? Photobucket


areli said...

What a sweet big sister! reading to her baby brother...aww:)
you should be so proud!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what a fun post. I was cracking up reading it. Isabel looks beautiful with bangs mr. jax has such a fun sense of humor. I sure miss you guys!


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