Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flying home.


I'm giddy as heck today!  Tomorrow I am flying to Idaho to meet my sister's baby boy Jacob...of course, there will be lot's of catching up with the family and hopefully some friends too.  I get to make this trip solo (thanks babe!).   I have a lot of catching up to do tonight to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for Bran and the kids.   

Quick mental notes:

  • Groceries.  Check.
  • laundry done.  Check. 
  • Clean (mostly santiary home)...hmmm.  Okay. I'll have to do some work tonight. 
  • Boarding Pass.  Check. (Thanks again B).  
  • Packed.  No. Eek! Yikes!   

Alright.  Lot's of work to be done before I can officially say I am on vacation.   

(Shriek!)  I'm going to be too excited to sleep tonight.  


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