Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moving day...again.

Hello everyone,

It's moving day for the Chopko's for the 2,875th time.  Now,  it has not actually been that many times, but if you have been around to read our blog long enough, you know we've had a few moves under our belts.
Why moving?  Well,  long story short, the rental that we are in is getting put on the market as a short sale, and I imagine that for the owner of the house, moving us out means that it will be easier to show and sell without throwing a clause in there regarding the current tenants.   Apparently the management company we rent through would make the new buyers buy  buy out the remainder of our rental agreement.   I know legally our contract does not expire until June of next year and we could have stayed, but our Management company found us a really great house.  We didn't want to pass it up, so we decided to go ahead and move.     I'll post pictures of the new house later.   Right now, I'm enjoying the last few minutes of calm, before the (storm...I mean)  moving truck arrives.

Two things that I have learned about moving.  1.  Color code rooms for your move.  see youtube video here.    2.  If you don't have family around to help, (or people you can sucker into helping)  like us... hire help.  That's what we did, and honestly, it's the best $200 I am sure we'll ever spend.

Daily nuggets:

1. My parents are flying in to town for THANKSGIVING!  (Happy Dance!!!).
2. Jax is still ALL the colors at preschool.  Although, surprisingly enough he did end the day on green when we told him he would not be able to attend his first birthday party at Chuck e Cheese.  Just saying.
3.  Issy got a tooth pulled out.  Cavities ate half of a six year molar so it was just easier to just get it pull it out.
4. Bran is getting his college diploma in the mail very soon. I'm so excited to see him open that sucker. I'm currently on the market for a nice frame.
5. Me, I went to Breaking Dawn with a girlfriend on Friday night, and I LOVED the movie.  It was hands down the BEST movie of the series.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen the movie, but Ahhhhh!  Great ending!

See you in a few days....when the FIOS get's turned on in the new house! :)


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