Saturday, October 13, 2012

Preschool Discipline

Recently,  Jax's daycare teachers introduced behavioral color charts for kids in class.  Issy had these in Kindergarten, and she responded very well to it.   I was really excited because I assumed Jax would be the same way.  Why I thought this?  I couldn't tell you.  He is so completely different than Issy.    He's got a mind of his own, and he knows what he likes and doesn't like.  I can't reason with him half of the time...which I love....and hate...and ultimately makes me giggle all at the same time.

The color chart goes something like this:    

Green = Great day!
Yellow = Warning.
Blue = discipline action taken
Red =  bad day!

I know teachers use this, and the colors and meanings may vary, but this is what Jax's chart looks like.    Everyday we get a little report from daycare with the way our children end the day.  When I ask him about his day and what color he was on the chart that day, he looks at me with his big brown, eyes and says:

"Mommy, I was all the colors today!"

He's so proud of himself.   His innocence cracks me up!  I'm thinking he's missing the meaning here....


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