Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring clean-up!

Its that time again to start on the yard work...Today after work I decided that I could no longer stand the condition of my front yard and I had to do something about pronto. I started by trimming back the dead branches off two of our bushes (I don't know if its the right time to do it but I trimmed them anyway). Then I decided that since we had skipped on weed barrier last year I would pick up the old bark and grass that had grown all over that small area (I'm talking 3x3 at the most) and this is what I got....

What was I thinking?

That is right...a 32 gallon trash can full of grass, old bark and branch trimmings. The kicker is that I am not even close to being done. Now I know why you leave this sort of thing to the professionals....because its hard, it sucks and it will be done right the first time.
This is an after of the little area I am talking about. I know its not much to brag about just yet!

Jax was inside with Dad....happy baby like always! He was wearing a super cute outfit that Nana and Pappy gave him for Valentines Day.


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