Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a HOOT!

We went to Cafe Ole' today and we couldn't stop laughing at Issy's French Fry Taco! She originally ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, but liked Brandon's Carne Asada better. Lucky Brandon!
Afterwards us girls went shopping, while the boys went to Best Buy! As you can see, she was a riot, trying on the clothes and loving the "accessories". We read Where the Wild Things Are on our way to the Mall and when she found this purple fury vest she put it on and called her self Max! What a HOOT! Last night we had Dinner at our friend Randi & Dany's house. Keola brought the twins along. It was really fun to have the "boys hang out". They are two months younger than Jackson and equally as cute! Keola is such a good Dad. I took some pictures of the boys, as you can see Jackson is just a tank! :)


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