Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yes, I will without a doubt pay for staying up so late come morning!

Nope...I couldn't sleep...On my way in to work this morning I drove by a horrible car wreck, and for some unknown reason started bawling...ugh...what a great way to start the day. To make things worse I haven't been able to shake the scene from out of my head.
I have been in a "funk" lately having these horrible dreams about people dying, they are scary because in you dreams they seem so real. I just wake up in a panic. I hate them! I know I am not crazy and this all has to do with Tasche. I miss her a lot. Tomorrow it is three weeks since her passing and its hard. I have been to few funerals, but not for someone I was so close to.
I PROMISE I AM FINE! I am little (okay maybe a lot) quirky and its all just part of the grieving process...I have been refusing to mope around all day and scare Issy with random crying sessions so I am sure that only makes things worse when emotion hits.

Anyway....since I cant sleep I am back on the blog looking for more cute pictures to share..its where I always end up...I love going back through baby pictures of Issy and Jackson. I just cant get enough. I know I am a nerd but I tried to find similar pictures of Issy and Jax as newborns. My goodness they are cute babies! This may seem weird...who knows...but my life has been 100 times more hectic since Jackson's arrival, going back to work, preschool, Brandon's classes and everything else that gets mixed in and truth is I have never been happier. That doesn't mean I don't have moments (like above) but I my home life feels just right these days. Its like a high and I am soaking it all in.


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