Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Time Saving

A couple of months ago a friend of mine intruduced me to this thing called "coupon shopping". Like most poeple I never thought about using coupons in the past, and on the rare instance that I had used my one or two coupons during my grocery trips I never noticed a big enough discount to make the whole coupon clipping worth while. After getting more information and hearing just how much she was saving each week, I had to try it. I did- This past week for example I went to Albertsons- I purchased $302 worth of groceries and walked away paying only........$117 with TAX. Wow. I have only started using coupons since June 1, 2009 and I even though I still make mistakes, I am saving a ton of money.

Lucky for you folks my amazing friend Ali has been bombarded enough with questions from people wanting to learn more, that she started her own blog to help others get started. Check it out--> start.

10- Capri suns

3-Gal of Milk

15- Powerades (I got 5 Free)

4-Culinary Circle Pizza's

3- 2 liter Sprites (Free)

1-Sunkins (Free)

6- Mac & Cheese Cups

8-Mac & Cheese Dinner Boxes

4- Kraft Pasta's

3- Crystal Lights To Go

8- Air Wick Aerosol Cans (4 were Free)

9- Taco Bell Refried Beans

4-Taco Bell Shells

2-Taco Bell Sauces

2- Hersey's Ice Cream Topping

1- Heinz Steak Sauce

10- Smart One's Entrees

2- Bagel Bites Pkgs

1-Similac Formula (No Coupon-but we have to feed the baby :~)

3-Carnation Instant Bkfts

2- 4 Cinnamon Rolls (Got One Free)

1-Rigatoni Pasta Pkg

9- Hamburger Helper Dinners

1- Mr. Clean (Not on sale but it was a Must)


Austin Lovelys said...

Wow that's great! I never thought coupons were worth it. That was a lot of groceries :)

AliSmith13 said...

Wow, see, I am subscribed to your blog, but somehow I missed this one! Thanks for the shoutout! :) I'll drop your doublers by to Brandon tomorrow morning. Hope you had a great weekend!


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