Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!!!

We didn't do anything special today so I wanted to write some of the amazing things that have been going on lately. I can't believe this little guy is six months old already. Everyday I am snapping pictures like the paparazzi, holding him and kissing him more than he may like- I just hate how fast the last six months have just flown by.

Dear Jax:

Happy half birthday buddy! You are a true joy to have and we feel so blessed to have you. The last several weeks have been extraordinary for you. You have gone through another little grow spur and hitting some new milestones- its quite fascinating. One day you started reaching for your bottle, now you are practically holding it. The next day it seemed like you reached a little further and found your toes. These days you wont let them go! We giggle when we see you do this, and it seems like it only makes you want to keep doing it.

You have an excellent eye for jewelry, and will reach for only the pretty pieces- especially Sissy's Fancy Nancy earrings and necklaces! She doesn't seem to mind, but when you do that she starts putting clips in your hair. My advice: Take it easy with her least for the next two years or so when she will still be bigger than you.

I wake up most mornings to the sound of you chatting in your crib- I love it. I am not a morning person but its the best way to start my day. The moment I say "Good Morning Buddy" you smile so big, and immediately start kicking your little legs until I pick you up. You are a sweet little guy.

You do not like your paci as much anymore- Ever since you found your thumb, you pop your paci out of your mouth, and stick that thumb straight, until it reaches your nose, then you slide it in to your mouth. it's amazing how much you are figuring out already.
You love all of the new foods your are getting. You don't seem to have a preference for one type of food, over another so I have been keeping a good variety on hand.
The lately the biggest thing we have noticed that you are really working hard on is sitting up. Although you are already sitting up, it only last a few seconds before you lean forward or fall backwards. You are so, so close!
You are amazing.

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Austin Lovelys said...

What a cutie! He is such a chunker! LOL. Time just passes us by doesn't it?


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