Saturday, November 14, 2009

11 Months Old

He laughs and giggles all the time. Now that his top and bottom teeth are in, his smile changed just enough to see that he looks more and more like his Daddy everyday. Over the last two weeks he is starting to stand up on his own (only for a few seconds at a time). He screams when he is getting frustrated or super excited! His favorite part of the day is lunch and also when Issy comes home from school. He craves more independance and is daring enough to try just about anything. I am sure that little steps will soon follow. He dimples are more defined now (again like is Daddy) so when he flashes a smile at you, your heart just about melts. He loves to give people "besos" (kisses). Right now, he loves to play catch. He and sandy fight over the tennis balls.
I love this age!


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Haws Family said...

He's so cute! It doesn't feel like its been a year!


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