Sunday, November 1, 2009


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I came across this sweet bird mobile and I have been dying to try the pattern. I was hoping my sister loved it just as much as I did, and she would ask me to make one for her nursery. If not, no biggie, but I made a few just in case :)
I was in the middle of pulling out all of my materials when Issy decided she wanted to help. I mean hands on help. What?! Yes, Yes!!! (I am so proud) She loved sewing and felt really comfortable with the sewing machine. Who would have known? I am just excited that I am able to teach her about something I love so much.

I made a couple of birds to show my sister and one that I could attach as a "bow" on the package I wrapped my friend Marbella's baby blanket in. This is the baby blanket I started it a few months ago. Which just made me realized that I had not posted an update of what that finished blanket looked like. Its mostly pink on the front, however the fun baby lettering on the center piece has a little orange, this served as the inspiration to use a cute orange and white polka dot fabric on the back side. Ta-da!!

Marbella's due date was last tuesday, and even though their little one is taking her time coming, she could realy deliver at any moment. Ahh so exciting!



Ms Bibi said...

Thank you for stopping by.

I am sure your sister would love to make her a mobile. The birds are gorgeous and the blanket so sweet. You are very talented.

Austin Lovelys said...

Great job! You are of many trades! Hehe. Love the quilt. I wish I could make one :( I'm scared of sewing machines. Traumatic childhood experience.

Phyl B. said...

I would love to know how to create through sewing. If you can believe it, my husband is the sewing machine master in our family. Threading the machine just makes me crazy. Have a great day!

AJ said...

Returning your visit. Thanks for leaving a comment. You comment, I follow!!
Every Monday I have a theme called ICMT Mondays... I Can Make That... I am SOOOO going to steal your bird idea. Just know that I am linking to your blog... and your link. Thanks for the idea!

AJ said...

Returning your visit. If you comment, I follow. THANKS FOR COMMENTING! I thought I just left a comment, but can't find it... my ADD is acting up again. I love this pattern and IN FACT I am featuring it on my blog TODAY! I was looking for a project for ICMT Mondays! (I can make that Mondays)

Thanks again! I'm linking to your blog!

Haws Family said...

I love the blanket Martha! It's so beautiful :) you are super sweet. And the mobile is adorable too. You are one crafty lady.

Martha said...

Marbella: Now I just have to make it over to your new place.


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