Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Made Fit TV

I decided a couple of weeks ago that this was the month I was going to get myself back. I have been so focused on my kids lately (because I love ‘em) but my gaaawd, I totally let myself go this year. Well, I am ready to do something about it and get rid of these "lovehandles"(if only right?). I don’t remember how I came across this podcast, but I love it and I have to share it. Jennifer Didonato’s Made Fit TV is fantastic!!!! Her podcast are short, they are to the point and they really help (this newbie) understand what it is that you are supposed to do get a good workout in. I am sure for some working out is like tying a shoe, but I feel completely lost when I go to a gym. I can take a stab at it, sweat a little, but quickly loose motivation and I never see results. No more. Check out her site, you will see what I mean. The only thing I wish I had was a treadmill.

Just in case you were wondering, Made fit TV also has a few cooking episodes too, I found a healthy peanut butter ball recipe alternative for this busy holiday season. I tried making it already (okay first time was a bust), but it helped me get my butt off the couch. Whatever it takes right?

I just watched 5 ways to firm stomach & thighs – episode 71 this morning. its just the right amount of motivation I need to keep up my workout. I am a huge fan.

How do you stay motivated?



Haws Family said...

Every time I've seen you, you look great! Thanks for posting this, they do have some good advice. It's my turn to get back in shape too.

Martha said...

Well, you know they say staying fit is easier when you do it with someone! We can help each other out.

Austin Lovelys said...

I'm so with you on this! I too want me back :( Well good luck ladies!!! Let's do this.

Jennifer said...

This post was so sweet! I appreciate all of the support. If any of you need any extra support, email me any time! 2010 is your year to be the best "you" you can be : )
PS- Glad you liked the face mask, Martha! Congrats!


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