Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spirit of the Holiday...

Jax, playing with his Calendar!

I caught Issy eating more than one chocolate from her Christmas Advent Calendar the other day- She was convinced the days would pass a little faster if she started eating through the days. (So funny!) She was so sad when she wasn’t able to have a chocolate the next day. This was a hard lesson to learn for such an anxious child.

I wish I had something exciting to share, but the fact is that days are business as usual here at our house; we just try mixing in some Christmas spirit where we can. This weekend we had a huge holiday bake off at my Mom’s. I made Issy's favorite Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (it’s about the only cookie I can make well). One of my sisters made sugar cookies, while the other made a ginger bread house with the little ones. This is of course the only time of year that my Mother makes her scrumptious Pumpkin Rolls. It turned into such a yummy afternoon!

Later we packaged the cookies and delivered some of the bags to our neighbors! Such fun!


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