Saturday, March 27, 2010

15 Months

I am such a big boy! Look what I can say....
"Buppy" aka Puppy
"Oooh" and Oh-oh!
"Go" but I what I really mean is Let's go!

My favorite toys are my blocks, an awesome ball set I got for my birthday, and my little cars. I also love to dance. As soon as I hear music my hands start swigging from side to side. Recently Sissy taught me how to bend my knees while I dance’s so fun! I love my dog Sandy, and although I do love teasing her, I am learning to be really nice to her because she loves me too.

I could not nap without my "kickers" (aka blankets). I have two, one that was given to me by my cool aunt Nat, and the second one that was given to me by my cousins Carlos, Edgar and Vanne. I point to them when I am ready for my naps.

I have ten big boy teeth now…including 3 molars, which is a good thing because I am such a good eater! Today, Mommy gave me cinnamon toast crunch cereal with soy milk for the first time ever! I loved it!

I really don’t like to ride in the car for a long time. I get bored and I start crying. What I really want to be doing is walking around and play outside like a big boy.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I really like the theme song for Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel. My favorite book is Oh! David! My favorite page is the one that says P.U.!!! I laugh everything Mommy reads it to me.

My sister is my best friend and I love her sooo much. I follow her around everywhere! She is really kind and patient with me so I am so thankful to have her.

Okay, time for a nap…BESOS!


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Austin Lovelys said...

What a handsome little boy! He has grown up so much. It was nice to see him grow up through the months. :)


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