Sunday, November 7, 2010

Areli & Doug - October 16, 2010

These two pictures above came from Jammie Elkins Photography...They all turned out amazing, please check out her photography blog!

I just realized its been almost a whole month and I never did post wedding pictures of my sisters wedding. Ugh...I am horribly behind here...Ahh!
They were married in the Boise temple and had an amazing reception in the Evening! Everyone started dancing as soon as the music started, and kept on dancing well after the party had ended. I loved being there to celebrate with the family. I am so happy for these two and wish them the very best on their journey together.

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martinainidaho said...

Thank you again for been here for Areli's wedding, I know that it was no easy for you with 2 kids, but like you said we had so much fun. I'm so happy that you have this blog so that way I don't feel like a miss so much of your family because you share all the fun and everything of you guys. And thank you for all the tecnology that you and your sister tech me, I love you all. MOM


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