Monday, May 11, 2009

A day in the life of an Association Manager!

I left my house at 7:27 am in order to be at work by 8 am and after a long busy day at work and a very long and difficult Homeowners Annual Meeting I finally made it home at 9:05 pm. I am starving because I was too busy to take a lunch, and absolutely mentally exhausted. I am sick of neighbor complaints, I am so sick about irrigation water outages, dry lawns and most of all I am sick, sick of Homeowners complaining how much they pay for in Annual Homeowner dues. You want to live in a nice place, you have to pay for it. Period. I am over worked and underpaid and at this point I have had enough of you complainers!!!

Here are a few thing to keep in mind next time you call to your Management Company to complain:
  • If your Association Manager can remember your name, you call too much.
  • When you start your call by saying "I don't want to complaint but" we are rolling out eyes because we know its going to be a long drawn out conversation about your neighbors. Oh brother here we go....
  • I am not in the office sitting around waiting for your phone call, your emails or your faxes. Do not call me immediately after you have sent a fax or an email to ask if have received the fax or email. I haven't!
  • I do not care that your water is out over the weekend so don't wonder why I am not as nice to you if I have to call you back.
  • Even if we spoke a two days ago for a hour and had a lovely conversation about the weather remember that tomorrow I will not know who you are- Telling me this is is Joe Blow will not ring a bell for me, I speak to at least several dozen people every day.
  • I did not write you CC&R's. It is not my responsibility to go back in time and ensure that your Agent or the Title company provided you with a set before you bought a house in your neighborhood.
  • I also do not control how much you pay every year, every quarter or every month.
  • I know its tough to come up with dues around Christmas time but its no surprise -you knew the bill was coming- Budget.
  • If I made spelling errors in my Newsletters or Mailers for haven sakes GET OVER IT. I try to edit and edit some more but yes sometimes I miss things.if anything it was because I was too busy listening to you complaint about it.
  • if you neighbors dog poops in your yard and you see it don't call me to tell me- talk to them about it. Why is everyone so afraid to talk to their neighbors these days?

Okay...I think I have made my point. I could go on forever but does it matter? If anything after reading this just remember to be nice your Association Manager next time you have to call in- I know we are just voices on the other side of the receiver but we are the dump all department for constant bitching in this all demanding and all deserving world of Homeowner Associations. BLAH!

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Jennifer said...

Hang in there - I know you do an amazing job!


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