Sunday, May 17, 2009

Homemade Bread

Just before my maternity leave ended I found homemade bread recipe while surfing the net. I was really interested in making things with less preservatives etc. Well I went back to work, things were busy and eventually just forgot about it. Today I woke up, was too lazy to go to the store just for a loaf of bread, and I thought "oh what the heck its now or never!" I made it- it was super easy, it tasted terrific!
The instructions are fool proof...Check out the link at:


Haws Family said...

AH! I just got around to reading all of your blogs and you have just had a hectic month, phew! I'm glad your meetings are almost done. It will be nice to get together, watch a sappy chick flick, and catch up. The kids are adorable as ever and man is Issy getting cuter every time I look at your pictures.

Austin Lovelys said...

That looks yummy! I am going to check out that recipe. :) Thanks for putting the link!


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