Thursday, July 9, 2009

baby food

About 3 months ago I bought a ton of baby food in jars for Jackson. Its been a while (five years) since we have had to buy any so I wasnt really sure what I was looking for and to be perfectly honest I didnt really remember much about baby food either. Issy was more or less of our guinea pig when she was born becuase everything we knew we were learning as we went. This time around I felt like we owed it to both Jackson and Issy to learn from past mistakes and everyday make better, more informed decision. I am no where near perfect but everyday I try to be better.

As I was going through the jarred baby food I started paying attention to the ingredients. Carrots and water? Peas and Water?


I dont know why on earth I never thought about making baby food at home before. How easy could steaming veggies be? I thought for sure it had to be healthier. As I said earlier, I have to stop myself from jumping the gun on anything that sparks my interest because as soon as I hit my "ah ha moment" my first instict was to run out the door to buy all sorts of fruits and veggies and make everything from scratch.

I didnt. Instead I went online hoping I could find some information on homemade baby food. I guess I forget how many poeple, like me, have already thought about this very thing, becuase I was so impressed by the number of sites that are dedicated to this very subject.


Not only did I find receipes, but I also got some "how to" tips and information on freezing your food (something I am not at all familiar with), food preparation, tons more.

I wanted to start out small but after my so called research I did go out to buy organic carrots and zuchini and give those a try. Jackson doesnt really seem to notice a huge difference in his food that I can tell (I think he would eat anything), but to me, its more about what I am able to do for him and the rest of the family that makes me feel good.
I doubt I would ever go 100% percent organic, but it is my goal that we make small changes at home.
Here is step 1.

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