Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One on One time

Last weekend Brandon spend the weekend on a nice motorcycle trip to Magruder with his Dad and a few friends. They had been planning this for a long time so I was excited for him to get out of town and get some alone time.
All weekend long it was just me and my two side kicks, Issy and Jax. I really wanted to make the weekend extra special and spending some real quality time with them. Its rare that one of us is left alone with the kids for this long. Last time I left for an entire weekend was more 3 years ago? Brandon totally deserved it. He helps me so much every single day, not only with the kids, but also around the house doing whatever needs to be done. if one thing is certain, is that he is an excellent father. I really had to step it up.
My Mom was having a yard sale on Saturday. We probably would have been over there anyway, so on Friday I cleaned house and get rid of some junk. Once there, my Mom helped me set up a little water stand for Issy- she was so excited and truly had been looking forward to it for a week. We told her she could keep all the money she made that day, which exited her even more...(really at this point $1 is exciting for any five year old) With out any direction from my mom or I, she made sure to let every customer know she was selling water for a dollar. She wont be retiring anytime soon, but she did manage to make $6 bucks. She was so cute, so sweet and so happy!
Jackson loved checking people out, so he was a happy camper for most of the day. Around lunch time, he was tied and was attracting a lot of attention from little old ladies wanting to squeeze and pinch those chubby cheeks. Neither one of use like that too much, but I cant say that I blame them.
We got home around five, made an early dinner, took care of the baths, story and by 7:30 both kids were a sleep! I was beat! Single Parents out there...You guys are my heroes!
Sunday we hung out, played, danced, baked...I loved it. We missed Brandon very, very much and we were very happy to see him home Monday afternoon, but I will always welcome more weekends like this. it was wonderful!

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