Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4, 2009

This fourth of July was the best yet! We started our day in downtown Boise. We hung around the Saturday Morning Market while we waited for the 4Th of July Parade to start. It was so much fun. The local musicians were fantastic. Every time I go, there is a different cover band that is equally as good as the last one. The food was delicious, lot of samples. We love samples. We even scored free Honest Teas. I had never heard of this new drink until just this last week, but oh oh oh my goodness it was the best bottled tea I have ever had!!! Brandon and I couldn't stop talking about it. Its so refreshing, not too sweet, and just perfect for a hot summer day. Best of all its completely Organic...You have to try it. I think they sell them in most whole food stores and also at Fred Meyers.

The kids loved the parade while it lasted. By the time it was over it was already over 85 degrees out and we were drained. We had family from out of town this weekend, so my parents decided to take them to the Eagle Island State Park for a picnic. There was a nice sandy beach for the kids, so the kid got to cool off in the water. It was busy but it was a great spot. Once nightfall came we loaded everyone up...again....this time to catch the Meridian Firework show.
Yes, it was a lot of fun but we ran our selves ragged this weekend... I am still not ready for another work week.

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