Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Summer Goody...

We got a trampoline a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly we started getting a lot more visitors. Who would have know that a trampoline could make us so popular?
Issy absolutely loves the trampoline, especially with the sprinklers on. Being the great Mother that I am I decided to give it a go and show Issy all of my awesome moves from "back in the day".
There were none.
It had been waaaay to long since I had been on a trampoline. Your body just isn't as capable of moving the way you want it to move anymore. Not at all like I remember anyway. Sad. My legs were so sore, my arms were sore...and the rear...ohhh boy....lets just say that I am extremely out of shape!
To top it all of, Brandon (No folks, he is not at all competitive) decided to jump on and show me a thing or too. Ha! My stomach has been sore for days. Good Times!


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