Thursday, August 27, 2009

Recycled Onesie

Another little project I started last night. I had some extra fabric lying around so I decided to try to recycle one of Jackson's long sleeved onesies. I cut the basic shape of my bird (no patter, just regular white paper). I started out by stitching in the eye. This helps to keep the bird from moving around. Once the eye was finished, I started stitching my way around the body. I went around 3 times, but I am planning on going back around a time or two. Once I am done with the stitching around the body I am going to add the beak and legs.
Just to make sure that the onesie will actually be as comfortable as it is cute, I am adding some iron on backing to the inside.
By the time I am done, I am hoping that the birds look like they are kissing.
Who doesn't love Onesies?


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Wow! You are so I'm thinking of project to have you help me with:)


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