Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kindergarten at Last!

I made it through the morning without crying like a baby. It was a bittersweet morning, but she was so ready for this, and so excited! What is a mom to do? I just hope I am not such a wimp when she goes off to college, although at that point you never know right?

I woke up early to make her heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes, fruit and pack her a lunch. She couldnt wait to put on that huge backpack and wear her new Hannah Montana clothes. We did the "Meet and Greet" Tuesday night which was so nice because she knew exactly where her class was and had already met a couple of classmates "she would like to make friends with".

Her favorite activity was the treasure hunt they did in class-she didn't find the treasure, but she found a parrot!
She has begged me to make her lunch for school because she was unsure about what kind of food they would serve. Today happened to be pizza day(her fav)- She told us that if she had know the did pizza, she would have had lunch there!!! Ha!
lLst but not least, she reported that she got a "blue plate today", which means she gets two gold stars for good behavior. When their chart is full of gold stars, the the kids get to pick out a prize from the treasure chest! Issy said that she does not want yellow or red plates because you don't get a star with those. Why didn't I think of doing something like that?

My goodness she is a riot!


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