Monday, January 18, 2010

Field Trip

The family "behind bars", notice our sad faces!!!

Inside a cell house, extreemly small cells (usually four inmates per cell)

Issy walking near the Watch Tower!

We finally made the 30 minute trip to the Old Idaho Penitentiary this weekend. We got to visit the high security cells, the old chow hall, laundry work area, the basketball court yard, a tattoo room and even the execution room. Wow. It was very interesting. The warden's home was closed, but it was within steps of the prison. Could you imagine that? My first thoughts would be the possibility of excapes. Yikes! The guards also had a "rest home" of some sort within steps of the prison doors. I am guessing they used that for training or preparation for shift changes etc.
Some of you may think taking our kids to a prison may be a little twisted, but there is so much history there- why not? Issy was soaking it all in. Maybe she will grow up and enjoy history as much as her Daddy!


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Austin Lovelys said...

Way cool fieldtrip! It's good to expose your kiddos to it all. History is important!! :)


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