Sunday, January 31, 2010


My sister and I decided it would be fun to take the kids swimming this weekend. This was Jackson's first time at a community pool and I thought he would love truly love it.
He cried the entire time he was in the pool. I held him while he got “acclimated” to the water, but he just screamed. And screamed. And then screamed some more. (Notice there are no real tears here!!!) The pool area was really busy, so luckily it muffled Jackson's protest pretty well, but about a half hour later we decided he wasn’t going to stop and had Daddy came to the rescue.

Issy on the other hand was like a tadpole in the water. She even made a little (boy) friend so they got to play and swim together. Here are Jax and Bella sharing a snack as we scramble to get dressed. Jax brought the cheerios, Bella brought her sippy. They were in Baby Haven!
ittle does Jax know that it took me about an hour JUST to pack up the suits, towels, changes of clothes and snacks. This does not include the time it took me to get the kids ready, loaded and unloaded from the car. This also does not include the time it took me to stuff my two GIANT bags full of baby/kid gear in to the tiny lockers they provide us at the YMCA. No...I didnt love that part one bit, but for a look at Issy's happy face, I am pretty much willng to fight with those tiny lockers anyday...I mean teenie tiny! Arrrgh!


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