Sunday, January 31, 2010

Terrible Two's are a Myth!

For us, the terrible two’s usually start after the first birthday. They should be called Terrible Ones instead. Issy started throwing tantrums after her first birthday too, so now I am just assuming this is that this is how long it takes our kid to figure out that they do have some leverage over us (or do they?)

We noticed these fits a couple of weeks ago. Being that this is our second time going through this, we are “getting better” at this whole tantrum thing…(Ha! or so we think). Actually, the only thing we do is ignore it. Which I am pretty good at.
As you can see, Jax will wait to see if you are looking at him while he has his leg up and he is screaming (again no tears). If you are not looking at him, he stops his whining and leg curl and he looks for Brandon or me. As soon as he spots us, he tries to get our attention so he can continue with his protest. BUT, If we don’t make eye contact, he does eventually give up and finds something fun to keep him busy. Like Sandy!
The fun is just begining!!!


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