Thursday, January 14, 2010


I can't stop thinking about all those people Haiti. My heart aches for those waiting for news from their loved ones.
A co-worker of mine just finalized their daughters adoption in September, it was at this time that they were able to bring her home. Today, my co-worker told me that they found out that the orphanage their little girl was in, was destroyed and one of their little girls nannies killed. The only good news they received was that the children from the orphanage had all been evacuated.

If you can, please help.

It also wouldn't hurt to hold your kids a little tighter, and give them a few extra kisses tonight.



Haws Family said...

My heart goes out to them. We have already made a donation and I hope that what little we can give helps someone in a big way. Thanks for posting this Martha, there can never be too much awareness.

Martha said...

You guys are so sweet! Every little bit helps. Its awful to being with, but when you see that it effects people you know directly, it makes me want to do even more.


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