Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bear World

Before we found out that we were moving, we had planned on a vacation to Yellowstone Bear World in Southern Idaho. My Mother in Law was able to join us on this trip which was really wonderful for all of us. The park was laid out so that we are able to drive through the area where the bears are kept and see them running around. The older bears seem to be more used to the cars, but the younger ones are little bit more daring.

For the record, this is OUR car. I was on the passanger side with Jackson on my lap. Yikes!

During our trip, we were able to watch the keepers feed the baby bears. These little guys were born in January ( appx. 4 months old). They were adorable and super playful.

The petting Zoo had a lot of different animals. This deer was one of Issy's favorite animals, but all of the animals there were really friendly. It was so fun.

If you are ever in the southern Idaho area, this is definatly a place to start. Your kids will love it.


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