Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

First of all Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lovely ladies out there! I hope you all got pampered and spoiled just a little bit extra today. I got to sleep in late, when I woke up I was smothered in hugs and kisses from my kids. I can’t think of a better way to start the day. I love being a Mom and thank my lucky stars for having the sweetest kids in the whole world.

Mom, I love you- you are incredible! Sisters, I am so, so proud of just how amazing you both are with your little ones. I just loved that we were able to celebrate this special day together. I had so much fun hanging out, specially watching all of our kids playing together. Being together seriously made my day just a little bit extra special. Thank You!


On a side note Brandon and I have decided that he should accept the job offer with Avidyne. This means that we have roughly 3 1/2 weeks to pack up the life we have created here in Idaho and MOVE cross country. ( insert scream - AHHHH! )

Its hard to think about much else at the moment, so its something that we have been discussing with our families a lot this weekend. Both sides of our families are extreemly supportive, and they seem to be really happy for us, which definatly makes us feel much, much better about this decision.

The only thing is that our schedule is extreemly tight, we do feel a little crazy for trying to pull it off, and yes already the stress is setting in, but we are beyond excited.
So far this is what we know: Brandon's start date is June 7th, which means tomorrow I turn in my resignation. Issy's last day of school is May 27th so our plan is to hit the road on May 28th.

Tips anyone?



Austin Lovelys said...

Wow! Congrats to Brandon for the new job :) And as for start packing room by room it goes by faster that way. And if everyone helps you can knock out one room at a time. Donating to the goodwill for unwanted items is a good thing. You really don't know what you have till you pack! Then make sure you spend quality time with the family the last week. I mean extra time ;) Good luck! And hope this helps!!

Martha said...

Oh, that is such a great idea. I never thought about packing one room at a time. I am definatly going to do that.
We are having a yard sale next weekend. Anything that does not sell is going to goodwill. :)

Cynthia said...

Wow, I haven't seen you guys all together in a long time... How are your sisters doing?? Where are you moving to?? I'll be moving to Colorado in July so I totally know what you mean by packing and stuff...Thats not all but moving is something that I'm gonna have to get use to... My husband is active duty in the army so will be moving everywhere for his extra training and stuff like that... Like my sister said take it step by step and make sure to add some breaks in between so you don't wear your self out... P.S. Tell your parents and sisters I said Hi !!! Who knows maybe some day we might live in the same city or state in the future....

Anonymous said...

hi Cynthia, this is Martha's Mom, you are going to be closer to us then Martha. Said hi to your parents for us please.


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