Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daddy to the Rescue

So...up until this afternoon our plan was to drive to Boston the day after Issy got out of school for the year. I was going to drive our truck, the kids would ride with me. Brandon would drive the Uhaul and tow my car with our dog Sandy. Our families thought we were was a long drive to begin with, then add the stress of two kids, the dog, stops, hotels....They are right. It is nuts, but what choice do we have?

This afternoon out of no where my parents came over and offered to help drive our truck out there for me. I guess since I told my parents the news, he has been worrying about us and has not been able to sleep and would rather drive there himself. I didnt even know what to say. This is a HUGE relief, and this would mean that I would be able to fly with the kids instead of having to drive cross-country. I have awesome parents!

One thing that I learned today is that it doesnt matter how old I get, my Dad will always been there to save the day. I am so, so thankful.

There is still lots more to think about, but for now, I have a date with


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