Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kansas City, MO

I really enjoyed my first solo trip out of town. Kansas City was a lovely town, I learned a lot and our trainers/corporate staff were amazing, but by Friday I was extreemly happy to have a plane to board. I missed my kids and husband so much, and it was really hard being the one that was away from home. Weird huh?! The quiet hotel was more annoying than relaxing. I made sure to make buddies with several other ladies (who also had traveled from different states for the training) to make the most of our free time. We visited The Plaza downtown, which is basically a huge ritzy shopping area. We also visited the Union Square, WWI Memorial, and ate at several yummy restaurants. I have to say that Kansas City lives up to their name in the BBQ department becuase it was oh so yummy, but their bread pudding had a lot of room for improvement...and yet choked it down!

Kansas City is know as the City of fountains...and beautiful fountains like the one above were EVERWHERE!

The Plaza, look at all those beautiful shops...and how often do you see a Cinderella horse carriage? Lovely!

This was a fun eclictic place...inside was a planetarium, Dino exhibit, old trains, and antique fire engines.

Here is a view of Kansas City (in 5 pm rush


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martinainidaho said...

Ojala que aqui asi fuera en la hora del trafico.


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