Saturday, August 21, 2010

Balancing Act

Life is happening behind the scenes here, so I sort of feel like I should appologize in advance becuase over the next few months I can see my little corner of the web getting pushed to the back burner so we can enjoy being a family during our "time off". Issy will be going back to school in 2 weeks and it almost makes me sick to think that this year she will be going back as FIRST GRADER! SERIOUSLY I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW FAST TIME FLIES! Her bag and supplies are ready to we are just counting down the days. Our little girl could not be more excited!

Cheerleading is going really well, but it takes up a lot of our time. She practices 2 times, sometimes 3 times per week and starting this weekend she will also start performing once per week. I promise to post a video as soon as I can. This week she wont stop talking about taking tumbling classes next so she can get even better. I love knowing that we finally found something she LOVES doing.

At work, I was offered a full time position, and a pay raise this week. Woohoo! I have been working my butt off, and trying to do a good job. It was nice to hear that my hard work did not go unnoticed. Tomorrow, I will be enjoying some BBQ in Kansas City, MO. The Co. is flying me out for a week long traning at the Corporate Offices. I am really excited about visiting a new place, but I am VERY nervous about leaving the kids. I have NEVER gone anywhere alone, specially not for a whole week, since I have been married. Wish us all luck!

Gotta go...I have mountains of laundry to catch up on.


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martinainidaho said...

buena suerte hija, hoy hable con los ninos y ellos tambien pudieron saludar a bella, y a tu papa, ojala que ahora si pueda poner mis comentarios, te quiero mucho y disfruta tu estadia en Kansas.


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