Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July 2012

I was reading through some of my old blog post, specifically the 4th of July post from two years ago.  On that post, I write about how homesick we were and how much I wish we had family around.  That part about wishing we were with family has not changed, and I don't think it ever will.  The thing that has changed about how we feel this year, is that unlike two years ago, our feet are more rooted.  We've made some friends, and we are no longer "the outsiders" from Idaho.    I don't know if that will make any sense to some of you, but  I can't tell you what a great feeling  it is to be a part of a community. 

   This year I couldn't be more thankful for the good fortune we've had with our jobs, the incredible people we have met, and most of all how supportive our families have been through this whole experience.  Sometimes I feel like we are older and wiser, and then I look at the decisions we have made (like moving out here) and I realize that no matter how old we get, our decisions still effect everyone who loves us.    I don't know what the future holds for us.  I'd love to say that we know we will stay or we will move back, but those are heavy decisions that have a lot of factors that need to be considered.  What I will say is that if money was no object, our hearts belong with our families - regardless where that is.  

Where I was going with this is that I am just amazed at how much things can change in such a short span.   Two years ago, I never thought we would be here today.  Happy & Content.   I like this.  Our 4th was simple.  We got off work early on the 3rd, so we took advantage of the time we had to buy some fireworks for the kids.  The neighborhood has a block party every 4th of July so we hung out and watched the neighbors blow up fireworks next door.  

 Our neighbor had at least 30 fireworks that he lit up so we hung out for about an hour watching.   I feel like this was Jacksons first time really understanding what fireworks were.  And of course, he being a total boy, LOVED it!  The louder the better.   
 Issy was a hoot with the sparklers.  Another set of neighbors had music blasting, so she danced for about an hour writing lyrics or her name with sparklers.  She took had a grand time.
 Jax tried to play with sparklers, but that was scary.  Bran had to stay on top of him for fear that he would light his hair or clothes on fire. 
 Issy made he 4th of July hat at Daycare.  That hat was really cute, it actually looked like a firework had gone off on her head. She was so proud of it, and wore it pretty much all day. 
Here's a portion of our  personal firework arsenal.  Bran was letting Issy light the small fireworks, while I sat there and practically had a heart attack in silence. Thankfully all is well.  And I am happy to report that Issy still has all of her limbs in tact.

Happy 4th of July! 

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