Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meet Oreo Chopko

She's a six week old kitten. And she now a part of our family.  Can you believe that?  I know, I still can't either.  Haha.  

 A friend of ours has a daughter that works or  does some volunteer work for an animal shelter.  Apparently someone brought in or found this liter of kittens.  They were tiny, sick and severely dehydrated.  My friends daughter "K" as I'll call her, brought them home and nursed them back to health.   Amongst the liter, was our little Oreo.  I had mentioned that I wish I had a kitten at work and that was that.  We got pictures from K and although I was persistent, Bran was dead set against it.    We talked about it for several weeks before I rebelled and got it anyway.   Because I am the one that rebelled and decided to get a cat, Bran tells me I am 100 percent responsible for Oreo, and all of her (hmm....messes).  I'm okay with that.  My friend's daughter had her eating solids, and litter trained her before I brought her home.  I was smart enough to say NO way until those two things were done. 
We brought her home on Friday, July 6th.  I get off early on Fridays (I try to anyway) and I waited for Brandon to get home so we could pick the kids up from Daycare together and surprise them.   Issy screamed when I told her, and stayed giddy as could be all weekend!  It was super cute.  Jax has been a little apprehensive, when the kitten comes to him, but he's fine if he  is the one that approaches her.  
And Bran, who wanted absolutely nothing to do with this kitten, has come around.  This happened on Saturday morning, when Oreo sat right next to him and watched about 15 minutes worth of Motor GP with him.  Her head bounced around in a circle, as she watched the motorcycles turn on TV.  Now, she finds him and lays on his lap or his shoulders to fall asleep.  Figures right?  

Look at her, she's adorable!  She makes us laugh ALL the time.  She so curious about EVERYTHING!   I'm seriously so glad we brought her home.  She has a vet appointment in a few weeks,  and I've already scheduled her to get fixed in a couple of months.    Sandy our dog, is super sweet with her. As a matter of fact, they play together and I think it's been good for sandy because she has one to interact with during the day when we are all gone.  

If you are wondering, Jax and Issy are the ones that came up with her name.  Issy liked the names Harper, phoebe, and Jax said "NO, she's black and white...see?  like a cookie".  Oreo! 


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Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so happy for you guys! I cant wait to meet Oreo! How fun for your family, even Brandon!!!


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