Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When one gets sick....the other follows!

Yep. Issy got really sick the day after Easter...seal cough and the works. She got really spoiled on Monday and on Tuesday the cold continued so we made her stay home..she wasn't happy...she loves school and her friends. Then just as she started to feel better this morning I noticed that Jackson was also a little bit off too. His first cold. Ahhh! I felt so bad for him. He had a runny nose, a little cough and the saddest, most droopy eyes ever! I gave him some Tylenol after lunch and again just before his bath. After his bath he was too sick to finish his you all know he is not one to skip meals. Hopefully the meds help him sleep better...if not, at least I will be home to take care of him.
When I was pregnant with Jackson I often wondered what it would be like have two sick kids to take care of at the same time? Middle of the night laundry...screaming sleep- I know it will happen at some point but I feel really really lucky that this was not the case today.

Well I am off...we got our Netflix delivered which means Issy and I have a movie date!


Austin Lovelys said...

Awww poor babies. I hope they are feeling better. Shoot I know what that is like. Jocelyn is barely getting over hers. Good luck tonight! :)

Martha said...

Thanks! Issy is a lot better, but Jackson is still off and on. one minute he is all smiles and the next he wont stop crying. Brandon caught the same cold too now. Shoot! It could be worse.


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