Thursday, April 23, 2009

Acting Scout anyone?

I had this blog saved as a draft for almost a week and a half...I have been really busy lately with lots of work meetings, about 3 meetings a week. It stinks, I am looking at my calendar and I looks like there is only a month left until I am done with all of my meetings. Finally the blog gets posted.

Obvioulsy with Kindergarten around the corner we had to make sure that Issy was all caught up with her shots. She was missing one MMR shot so off to the Doctor's office we were...

When the nurse came in to the room she asked issy to sit on the table- "No! I dont want to get a shot!" Issy said -(already the alligator tears were rolling down her little face). We asked her to please come sit at the table a couple more times before I had to put Jackson down (who was also crying because he was only half done with his bottle), grab her had and sit her down on the table trying to calm her down. At this point we were supposed to pull her pants down so that the nurse could give her the shot on her thigh (like always) but because she was hysterical and I didn't want to traumatize her even more. I asked the nurse if she could just give her the shot on her arm instead- she said it wasn't typical because of the little arms but found a spot on the back of her arm with with a little extra skin that worked. of course when the shot was administered Isabel let out this very loud and very long scream.... She is so dramatic. Know of an Acting Scout anyone?

Just look at her face...oh my goodness! She was pouting for the rest of the afternoon :)

I am also attaching a picture of Jackson tasting his first cream-cicle. For the record this was not my idea- I just took the picture. Anyway he had a little taste, and kept grunting until he continued to get more....

Grandpa Ellis with his dog Winston.

Jackson and his Nana...

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Austin Lovelys said...

Awww poor Issy. I hate shots! They actually do traumatize a child. I am not looking forward to that! Jax is such a cutie. He reminds me of Spanky of the Little Rascals. :)


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