Monday, October 5, 2009

Chicago Bears Fans...

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these pictures? I think not, but I am a little (okay a lot) biased. My Father-in-law is a die hard Chicago Bears fan and just a few weeks ago they made it to Washington for a live game. How Cool!

On sunday we went over for lunch, during the game he pulled out these sweet little outfits. Do I have the best in laws or what?!

Issy got the cute cheerleading outfit and blue and orage pom poms. Jax gots to sport this sweet linebacker sweatsuit. Together they could not be any cuter!

Yesterday she wore the cheerleading outfit all day, movies, mall and all. Today after school, she came home and changed back in to it. We will be practicing our Chants so that we are ready for next sunday.


Jax saw that Issy was having fun and decided that he would join along. We weren't sure what he was saying, but it was nice and loud... nice!



carma said...

Let me confirm that you do in fact have awesome in-laws :D

The Royal Family said...

dang cute family'!!!!

hungeryjack said...

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