Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jack O Lanterns

The other day I came across a really fun blog, filled with lots of crafty ideas. Inspiration Cental. If you have a second please check out notsoidlehands for a fun and easy Jack o lantern tutorial. Issy and I made our own out of baby food jars. I knew I the jars would in handy sooner or later :)
Becuase my lanters are so much smaller than the tutorial my plan is to get a set of "rice lights" so they glow and to add a little twine to the top to give these spooky faces a little something extra.




Austin Lovelys said...

Cute! put those baby food jars to use :D

Penelope said...

Those came out great!

Welcome to SITS!!

MrsM said...

How FUN! I'm going to have to try that with the kidlets =)

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Nicole said...

Very crafty and adorable! I love halloween decor =D

Happy SITS saturday sharefest! =D


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