Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crayon Window Hearts

A little wax paper, crayons and you have a super easy and fun craft for the little ones. Please check out Fuzzy Sheep Crafts, where I found this great tutorial.

First of all, we could not find a pencil shapener anywhere in this house, which is why our alternative was the potato peeler. It worked great.

We covered the wax with another sheet and gave it a quick go with the Iron (no steam).

I love how great the colors look as they blend together. Ohhh how I heart crayons!

We let the wax melt before cutting our hearts-shapes and PRESTO!



Austin Lovelys said...

Cute! looks like fun :)

BLOGitse said...

Love is in the air...

Stopping by from SITS - it's my sitstablogs exploring time... :)


Miss Dot said...

Hey! Those are really nifty! I'm totally impressed. Neat craft!

Christina Hammond said...

AWESOME! thanks for stopping by and letting me know you did my tutorial! I love your blog, too!


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